Six organisations representing six countries (Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Germany and Italy) will participate including VET providers, employment services, community based organisations, and research consultancies, to disseminate, create awareness, start dialogue and highlight best practices with the main objective of improving the VET and employment focused services delivered to clients engaged in some level of drug use, from the young unemployed to clients recovering from misuse.


Ballymun Job Centre (BJC)

Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) is a community-based non-profit organisation, with 30 staff, which provides services to local unemployed people. The BJC was established in 1986 as a community response to a chronic unemployment situation. Since 1996 BJC manages the Local Employment Services Network (LESN - Contract with Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership and the Department of Social Protection). The BJC’s objective is to assist local people to access employment, by providing an integrated approach to job placement through the establishment of a one stop shop for job seekers. It operates within a local context providing education, training and employment supports to local people who are disadvantaged within the labour market. The BJC, using a client centered approach, has a strong history of developing innovative initiatives that aim to tackle unemployment by addressing the barriers and needs presented by the clients.



CIOFS-FP is a non-profit organization founded in 1967. CIOFS-FP is active in vocational training, guidance, certification of skills, social inclusion, employability promotion and job integration as well as equal opportunities through the implementation of educational activities and research, workshops, cross-border training, development and implementation of projects and services. The association is located in 12 Italian with as many Regional Associations and almost 60 Operational offices, through which the main activities, as well as local and business services, such as training needs analysis and support to business creation, are also provided. The main beneficiaries are youths, drop-outs, women, the unemployed, the NEETs, migrants, Roma people and other minorities. The development of a QMS had also involved all Regional Associations, with a view to build a common training pathway.


EU-Rom Training & Consultancy Ltd 

EU-Rom Training & Consultancy Ltd is a national certified VET-provider in Romania, established in 2009. As a certified VET-centre for “Career Guidance Counseling” with training courses for labour market re-integration and development. The company provides advisory and educational services in the private and public sectors, helping to improve productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Its experts are supporting beneficiaries through counseling with methodological tools and techniques that supports individuals entering or active in the labor market. Additionally, through special adult educational courses it has been supporting individuals with extended drug and alcohol misuse histories. Acting as a advisory centre for people with serious substance abuses, its efforts are to re-integrate into society through education/ training/ employment progression pathways.


Lawaetz Foundation

The Lawaetz Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 1986 by the State of Hamburg. It is active in various areas of labor market policy, social integration and urban development. Its founding principle, the Foundation’s main aim is to support the access of socially and economically disadvantaged people to employment and training, the housing market and social services. Since 1996 the Lawaetz Foundation is involved in transnational EU funded projects (mainly focusing on social integration issues) – different approaches and experiences on the regional and national level are exchanged, Good practice are tested as innovative models.


Jobbtorg Stockholm

Jobbtorg Stockholm is part of the labour market administration together with SFI, Swedish language education for immigrants, and VUX, the municipal adult education system. Jobbtorg Stockholm work with 16-65 year old people and offer support to youth that need more support than that offered by the national employment office. With Jobbtorg Stockholm, the City of Stockholm has created a collective point of access to the various resources of the city for labour market initiatives. Jobbtorg’s operations focus clearly on employment and helping individuals to enter the world of work or commence studying. Jobbtorg has a wide range of services targeting youth, like trainee positions, supported employment, vocational courses, study counselling and guidance programs, job matching and coaching and self-strengthening courses.



APDES is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004 working with communities and people in vulnerable situations (unemployed people, prisoners, elderly people, foster children, drug users, sex workers, among others) aiming to improve the access to health, employment and education and enhancing social integration and cohesion. APDES also aims to strengthen active citizenship and community participation, through the enhancement of citizens’ power to exercise their rights and responsibilities. Its core principles are: Human Rights Protection, Action Research and Evaluation Methodologies. It has around 50 collaborators from areas as wide as Psychology, Sociology, Social Service, Anthropology, Nursing, Chemistry, Economics and Management. APDES has been playing an important role in the national landscape by innovating in several intervention fields, largely in the drug phenomenon, and by working internationally with numerous partners in the development of research and intervention networks.


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